Oh hey - a blog!

Well, I've been threatening to get the blog going for a while and that day is finally here. Honestly - I was finally convinced by this podcast by Rafi and Klee... See, I make a ton of stuff every day with AI. 99% junk (as most AI art, or even just all experimental art) is, but some stuff I really like. I am mostly experimenting. I do have some longer-term masterpieces in development, but I really just want to share what I am learning and not necessarily have to produce content for sale (or actual production).

So - rather than spam all my friends on social media - I'll spam you here! Hey, you are opting in for this, right? 

There will be ways to subscribe to this blog rather than come visit it every day, but I'll write about that later. 

Today - I have some fun with Adobe Firefly! I basically take what I like from an AI tool and use it as digital material for my artwork. So Adobe makes some cool letter art. Here are some examples.

Prompt "bundle of colorful electric wires" (one of the defaults)

Kirby as a bundle of colorful wires

Prompt "bundle of colorful electric wires held together by many black zip ties"

You can change fonts, backgrounds, etc. Somehow it is not letting me change fonts - maybe that is a paid feature? I haven't paid yet, but I do usually pay for the AI tools I find valuable (which also gets rid of most watermarks) Prompt "cacti"

Adding more detail: "filigree covered lace, bright turquoise and iridescent purple, detailed, vibrant"

"futuristic metallic spaceship, bright turquoise, sea glass green, yellow, and iridescent purple, detailed, vibrant"

"baroque floral, bright pink, sea glass green, yellow, and iridescent purple, detailed, vibrant"

OK, let me know if you try this - and I will figure out the font issue!